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Your Body Is My Priority
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I am a private physiotherapist passionate about treating injuries and conditions which affect our body moving and the activities we enjoy.

I operate a fully mobile service, with home visits within the Dorset & Somerset area.

I specialise in treating musculoskeletal injuries – which range from desk-related work injuries to injuries on the sports field. I use a multi-modal approach for assessment and treatment as no two bodies are the same. I am trained in soft tissue and joint mobilisation, acupuncture, and clinical pilates all of which I use alongside a personalised exercise programme specific to your goals.

I also have a special interest in post-natal recovery. I feel this is an area that is underserviced and of such huge importance. I aim to give Mum’s the confidence and guidance to get back into their pre-pregnancy activities, as well as treating any physical symptoms that may still be present.

JMS Physiotherapy are recognised by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy


JMS Physiotherapy - Physiotherapy Dorset


JMS Physiotherapy - The Mommy MOT Dorset

The Mummy MOT

JMS Physiotherapy - Clinical Pilates Dorset

Clinical Pilates

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