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JMS Physiotherapy - Private Physiotherapy Services Dorset
JMS Physiotherapy - Private Physio Dorset


Your first appointment will involve a thorough history taking of your current complaint and your past medical history. We will then assess all the areas around your pain, usually in standing/sitting and lying down. You may be asked to complete a series of movements to assess how your joints are moving and your muscles are working. I will aim to explain your diagnosis so you fully understand what is going on. You will then receive treatment to assist with your pain, this may involve: joint mobilisation, soft tissue release, acupuncture, cupping, and more. We will then go through an individualised exercise programme (where appropriate) to help you achieve your goals and ways to manage your pain/symptoms at home.

Follow-ups may be required to continue the treatment techniques from the initial assessment and review any exercise programmes.

  • Initial appointment 1 hour £55

  • Follow up 30 mins £35

JMS Physiotherapy - The Mummy MOT Dorset

The Mummy MOT

A thorough post-natal assessment from 6 weeks, including a full postural screen, pelvic floor assessment, abdominal muscle assessment, and a functional movement assessment.

From this, a specific rehabilitation programme will be given. 


  • 1 hour £65

Clinical Pilates

The pilates method, started by Joseph Pilates, involves low-impact exercises to improve and develop strength, tone, flexibility, mobility, balance, and mind-body connection. Particularly working on the deep abdominal/pelvic floor muscles to improve the stability around the spine and pelvis which can be very useful when treating spinal pain. They can be completed by any age or ability as they can be adapted to suit your clinical needs. 


  • 1 hour £45

JMS Physiotherapy - Clinical Pilates Dorset

Sports Massage

  • 1 hour £45

JMS Physiotherapy - Sports Massage Dorset

Please contact me at or 07500 959679 for any queries or to book an appointment.

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